Thawte SSL Certificates

VeriSign (Symantec) acquired Thawte in 2000, and Thawte is now an important member of the Symantec family as trusted brands. More than 950,000 SSL certificates and Code Signing certificates from Thawte have been issued since 1995. All Thawte SSL Certificates provide dynamic SiteSeal logs that you can display on your site to your visitors.

When online customers feel secure, they are more willing to shop on your website, create a profile, and return to your site. How can your company create this level of trust? SSL certificates from Thawte provide reliable authentication and encryption. This gives your customers the confidence that their data and transactions are secure. With expert support, an industry-leading authentication process, and easy online management, Thawte SSL certificates are an excellent choice for securing your site.

  • Running time: 1-3 years

  • All certificates at a glance

  • Administration in the customer area

  • Exhibition in real time

  • Reminder for extension

  • Great certificate selection

  • Different validation levels

  • New exhibition every time


Exhibition duration

Price per year

domain validated
123 SSL Domain 3-10 minutes n/a 187,56 €
123 SSL Wildcard Domain 3-10 minutes n/a 390,23 €
Organisation validated
Web Server SSL Organisation 3 days n/a 250,50 €
Code Signing SSL Organisation 3 days n/a 376,38 €
Wildcard SSL Organisation 3 days n/a 628,14 €
extended validated
Web Server EV SSL Extended 5-7 days n/a 376,38 €
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