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Data center

In Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Das Digitale Zuhause für Ihre Hardware: DIN ISO 9001:2015 und DIN EN 27001:2013 zertifiziert

The secure connection for your server


Physical access to the data center in Düsseldorf is only possible for authorized persons. The identity is checked by means of RFID readers and a biometric hand scanner and only authorized persons are granted access to the data center in Düsseldorf.


The data center in Düsseldorf has exterior and interior walls in solid construction. It is also equipped with self-closing doors. The colocation areas are equipped with a double floor (600 mm rectangular panels, with a height of up to 500 mm). Access to the data center in Düsseldorf is at ground level, so that the equipment can be transported without problems.


The entire data center in Düsseldorf is camera-monitored around the clock. The cameras are located at all entrances to the data center as well as in the colocation areas themselves. All recordings are saved and archived over a predefined period of time.


The data center in Düsseldorf is equipped with an alarm system. In this way, all entrance areas and particularly critical zones are protected against unauthorized access. Furthermore, the entire data center in Düsseldorf has a modern early fire detection system, which detects a possible fire at an early stage both above and below the raised floor and initiates the appropriate measures. Both systems are connected to a local security service and are monitored remotely.


»Multiple redundant carrier connections
»Various fiber optic lines to transfer points of the most important carriers in Connecta Parc


The data center in Düsseldorf has redundant and separate building entries for both the power supply and the Internet connections.


The air conditioning takes place via the double floor. The air conditioning systems used are specially designed for use in data centers and, in addition to optimal cooling, also ensure a minimal risk of condensation. The inlet air conditioning is 24 ° C ± 2 ° C, 50 % RH ± 20 and is subject to constant monitoring. The cooling capacity of the individual air conditioning systems is approx. 50 kW.


To ensure a permanent power supply, particular importance was attached to a high degree of availability and redundancy in the energy supply. The power is permanently buffered by redundant UPS systems, which not only compensates for complete power failures, but also for power fluctuations in the utility's network.


An emergency generator is available for longer power outages and supplies up to 100% of electricity if required. Appropriate control mechanisms ensure that components with high starting currents such as motor loads and rectifiers are started one after the other. The generator has a start-up time of around 30 seconds and is checked and tested for functionality once a month. The fuel supply is designed for permanent operation of the emergency power generator. Refueling during operation is also possible in order to be able to bridge longer downtimes.
Fast deployment
The required rack is made available within a very short time after the order has been received. As a rule, you can take over your new rack ready for occupancy after a few days, and we will provide you with a copper uplink and a main power strip with consumption indicator as standard.
Flexible electricity billing
Most of the offers give you a flat rate of 10 or 16 amps for each rack, regardless of whether you need them or not. With our racks you can grow flexibly, you pay for the electricity conveniently according to real needs. You can change to another billing model at any time.
24/7 access and support
Each rack has its own access to the data center (batch) as well as corresponding instruction. Additional access, e.g. for employees, is possible at any time, we ask for a lead time of at least 48 hours on working days for the facility.
Design your rack individually according to your needs. In the delivery condition, you will receive an uplink and a main power strip with 16 ampere fuse protection, you can install additional hardware such as power strips, switches, APC PDUs, etc. yourself.