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E-Mail Antispam Cloud von AIHoster

Protects your email communication from spam and malware.

By using the AIHoster Antispam Cloud, you filter all spam and virus emails via 99% before they reach your mail server. You also benefit from a reliable and fail-safe e-mail platform. If necessary, you can also filter outgoing messages and thus protect your IP reputation. Our antispam cloud servers are located exclusively in our own infrastructure in different data centers in Germany.

General features
Antispam Cloud by

Do you value e-mail security both privately and in the company? And do you want to protect your employees from spam, malware and other threats (phishing, ransomware)?

Dann ist die Antispam Cloud von (E-Mail-Filterlösung) genau das Richtige für Sie!

Mit einer E-Mail Verarbeitungszeit von nur 2.83s und einer Erkennungsquote über 99%, erhalten Sie von uns eine sichere, leistungsstarke und schnelle Antispam Lösung.

Testen Sie unserer Antispam Cloud unverbindlich und kostenlos.

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Spam & Malware Protection

Filtering incoming & outgoing emails is a must for every email inbox. The cost of a good anti-spam solution is immediately profitable. No more hassle with spam or other malware.

Spam and malware go straight to your quarantine box, while clean emails go straight through to your mail server. You save bandwidth and unnecessary load on your mail servers.

Over 6 million e-mails processed per week and filters that learn every day ensure that the protection of your mailboxes is always up to date. This means that new malware threats are immediately detected and malicious e-mails are filtered out by our anti-spam cloud even before they reach your mail server.

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