Comodo SSL Certificates with Real Time Exhibition

Comodo SSL Internet Security

Many individuals and businesses trust Comodo SSL therefore in terms of security. More than 600 employees take care of and support individuals and businesses. Comodo offers email security, hosted DNS servers, PKI management, secure sockets layer certificates, secure messaging and many other services.

Comodo Secure Sockets Layer Certificates

To ensure reliability and security on the Internet. The Comodo SSL Certificate provides an encrypted connection between the server and the customer’s browser, for example between your email server and email software. It ensures the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of the data you send and receive. Comodo certificates are suitable for most websites that require encryption.

  • Running times: 1-3 years

  • All certificates at a glance
  • Administration in the customer area
  • Exhibition in real time
  • Reminder for extension
  • Large certificate selection
  • Different validation levels
  • Reissue anytime


Exhibition time

Price per year

domain validated
PositivSSL Domain 3-10 minutes n/a 61,68 €
PositivSSL Wildcard Domain 3-10 minutes n/a 187,56 €
PositivSSL Multi-Domain Domain 3-10 minutes n/a 185,04 €
PositivSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard Domain 3-10 minutes n/a 502,26 €
EssentialSSL Domain 3-10 minutes n/a 100,64 €
EssentialSSL Wildcard Domain 3-10 minutes n/a 237,91 €
SSL UCC DV Domain 3-10 minutes n/a 358,76 €
Organisation validated
InstantSSL Organisation 3 days n/a 125,82 €
InstantSSL Premium Organisation 3 days n/a 226,52 €
InstantSSL Pro Organisation 3 days n/a 176,17 €
Multi-Domain SSL Organisation 3 days n/a 415,41 €
SSL UCC OV Organisation 3 days n/a 358,76 €
extended validated
Multi-Domain EV SSL Extended 5-7 days n/a 1.131,67 €
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