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Backup cloud

The remote backup of your data will no longer slow you down. Independent tests show that you can back up your files faster with Acronis and that they are quickly available again when needed.

Save your data for your projects ...

Losing important data is a constant risk for businesses. Loss of data can result in costly downtime, dissatisfied customers, government fines and lost revenue. The expectations of the responsible IT staff are correspondingly high. Because they have to ensure that business operations run 24 hours a day. The cloud backup offers the right protection for your data with the latest requirements. It keeps your business running, secures every workload, scales indefinitely and helps you save money.

Backup Cloud Account

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including VAT per GB used (per month)

As an agency, hoster or corporate customer, you can keep an eye on everything

With the managed server you have all projects under one roof. So everything stays tidy and you always keep an eye on what is important.
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