For our new web hosting smart, webhosting business and webhosting WordPress products with Plesk, we now offer you even more flexibility and performance for your websites and projects. In the latest generation, our packages have guaranteed resources per customer in the areas: “Memory distribution, CPU allocation, memory IO management” and the use of SSD storage gives you even more performance. Rent your cheap webhosting product now with SSD storage and benefit from the fast I / O performance of our servers. For business customers and web hosting providers, we’ve added our Pesk Business Web Hosting. With’s new managed servers, you get the benefits of having your own server, more performance, more security, more control, greater scalability, and cost savings. All of our managed servers are based on Intel Xeon processors and 100% SSD storage. Plesk Onyx is already included in the price.


  • 1x Intel Skylake vCPU
  • 2 GB ECC RAM
  • 20 GB NVME-SSD
  • 20 TB Traffic incl.

Plesk licenses

  • For root servers and VPS
  • Real-time exhibition
  • All addons available
  • Externally usable

Plesk Managed Server

  • from 4x Intel CPU
  • from 8 GB RAM
  • from 200 GB SSD
  • Plesk inclusive

Benefit from and our Plesk license, as a direct partner of you will receive the licenses and support from a single source and in German. Or expand your portfolio and become a license reseller for Plesk licenses and benefit from our special prices for license resellers.

Business Webhosting

  • For corporate clients
  • Ultra Fast SSD’s
  • SpamExperts
  • LetsEncrypt SSL inclusiv

Reseller Webhosting

  • Reseller Webhosting with Plesk
  • Own resources
  • Daily backups
  • Various addons and features


  • Datacenter Düsseldorf
  • Single height units
  • Half Racks
  • Full Racks



AIHoster offers domain services, web hosting, housing, Plesk licenses, SSL certificates and IT security solutions. As a managed service provider, we stand for personal and professional advice and care. For agencies and corporate clients, we offer u. a. Managed solutions in the areas of web hosting, server management and colocation / server housing management.

  • Comprehensive domain and SSL certificate product portfolio
    Over 200 TLD endings and various SSL certificate providers.
  • Plesk Licenses and Support
    Real-time exhibition, trained supporter for Plesk

  • Suitable solutions for your projects and applications
    Managed Server, Managed Web Hosting, Managed Server Housing

Plesk licenses


Plesk Web Admin licenses

The Plesk Web Host Edition for web hosts that allow their customers to use their shared account in almost any configuration. They need secure WordPress and domain management tools to assist their customers, who use multi-tenant accounts and want to install all sorts of applications.

License overview


Plesk Web Pro licenses

The Plesk Web Pro Edition for web professionals who design, develop and deploy their websites. They want an easy way to manage their clients’ websites. WordPress should be supported as an increasingly popular CMS platform.

License overview


Plesk Web Host licenses

The Plesk Web Admin Edition for web administrators who manage sites for a contractor, a business or for themselves. They need a solution for easy website and domain administration without the superfluous elements that are more intended for service providers, such as: For managing customers, resellers or subscriptions.

License overview


Plesk WordPress Server licenses

Our new Plesk solutions are predefined and preconfigured packs to meet the specific needs of our customers. The new Plesk solution comes with predefined and preconfigured packs to meet the specific needs of our customers.

License overview


Plesk Business Server licenses

The Plesk Business Server is the perfect all-in-one business and collaboration suite for start-ups and SMEs with a secure, turnkey solution that offers business owners everything they need for their business: Business Class Email and Collaboration, Website creation and maintenance, SEO optimization, backup and above all solid server-to-site security. Plesk Business Server gives administrators more management time and provides comprehensive web and business lifecycle management through an intuitive interface to any type of infrastructure.

License overview

Server Housing


1U rack server housing, starting at 69,00 EUR per month incl. VAT.

Flexible deployment

If required, you can bring your server in on the same day and, if desired, install it in person with one of our local technicians, configure it and test its accessibility. Alternatively, you can also email us your desired network configuration, and you bring the server by appointment or send it by parcel service.

Demand-based billing

We determine the power requirements of your server on site with the appropriate test equipment and offer you flexible billing in 0.5 Amp steps. So you only pay for what you need maximum. Even individual rack enclosures are easy to use, but rack-mount rails must be included.

Server Housing Offers


1/2 racks and whole rack, already from 259,00 EUR per month incl. VAT

Renting your own rack provides you with maximum flexibility without having to operate your own infrastructure. An own 19 inch rack at the location Dusseldorf / Germany offers the ideal basis to operate your own servers or to rent servers / services to your customers.

Demand-based billing

We determine the power requirements of your rack on site with appropriate test equipment and offer you flexible billing in 0.5 Amp steps. So you only pay for what you need maximum. Even individual rack enclosures are easy to use, but rack-mount rails must be included.

Rack housing offers

SSL certificates


Comodo SSL Internet Security

Many individuals and businesses trust Comodo SSL for security. More than 600 employees take care of and support individuals and businesses. Comodo offers email security, hosted DNS servers, PKI management, secure sockets layer certificates, secure messaging and many other services.

Comodo Secure Sockets Layer Certificates

To ensure reliability and security on the Internet. The Comodo SSL Certificate provides an encrypted connection between the server and the customer’s browser, for example between your email server and email software. It ensures the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of the data you send and receive. Comodo certificates are suitable for most websites that require encryption.

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RapidSSL Certificates

RapidSSL® Certificates help you ensure that your customers receive secure data transmission with strong SSL encryption. Automated domain validation speeds up the issuance of your SSL certificate. We keep our purchasing costs low and pass the savings on to you.

Secure unlimited subdomains quickly and cheaply with RapidSSL

RapidSSL® Wildcard Certificates help you secure all of your subdomains, with a low-cost SSL certificate issued to * helping your customers receive secure data transmission with strong SSL encryption ,

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Thawte SSL Certificates

VeriSign (Symantec) acquired Thawte in 2000, and Thawte is now an important member of the Symantec family as a trustmark. More than 950,000 SSL Certificates and Thawte Code Signing Certificates have been issued since 1995. All Thawte SSL Certificates provide dynamic SiteSeal logos that you can display on your site for your visitors.

If online customers feel safe, they are more willing to shop on your site, create a profile, and return to your site. How can your company create that level of trust? Thawte SSL Certificates offer reliable authentication and encryption. It gives your customers the confidence that your data and transactions are secure. With expert support, industry-leading authentication, and easy online management, Thawte SSL Certificates are an excellent choice for securing your website.

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